OUR FABRIC is the first step in making the best swimwear. We searched the world to find the best fabric mills that make the best swimwear fabric in the world and found it in Italy. This Italian mill has been making swimwear fabric for over 50 years and strives for that Made in Italy Quality. They have the technical know-how and they aspire for excellence. We work directly with the mill and do not buy fabric from any middlemen, which in turn saves you money, which we love. Please read below about the great benefits you will receive when purchasing RAH swimwear.
  • RECYCLED POLYAMIDE  - Recycled yarn from waste material that is completely reconverted and transformed into new raw material.
  • EXCELLENT UV PROTECTION - Fabric ability to offer highly protection from UV rays, UPF 50+.
  • ULTRACHOLRINE RESISTANT - Fabric that considerably resistant to attack by active chlorine.
  • SUN LOTIONS AND OILS RESISTANT - Fabric that is highly resistance to sun lotions and oils.
  • EXCELLENT COVERAGE - Fabric provides outstanding coverage without risk of see-through.
  • 2 WAY STRETCH - Fabric with stretch properties on both directions for added comfort and retains shape.
  • LYCRA Xtra LIFE - Fibers that are designed to guarantee a much higher resistance to damaging effects caused by external agents such as heat, chlorine, sunscreens.