The RAH purpose:  Swim in luxury for under at $100 and help children learn to swim.
RAH is founded by Robert(husband), Angela(wife) and Hugo(son) we all have a passion for fashion and swimming.  After moving to Sarasota, FL from New York City. We found that swimwear was either not well made or overpriced. Then we found out the 2nd leading cause of death in children are drowning and so we have made it our mission to help children learn to swim. We have combined our love for fashion, swimming and teaching children and started RAH.
We want to revolutionize the swimwear market by making a luxury bikini for under $100 and made in USA and with every purchase RAH will donate to organizations to offer free swim lessons for children. 
We searched the world for the best swimwear fabrics and found the fabric in Italy. Combined with Angela's 20 years of expertise of working in New York City as a fashion designer, we make swimwear of the highest quality in USA. 
The recycled polyamide material offers high resistance to sun, chlorine, and sunscreens while providing excellent coverage, protection from UV rays, and two-way stretch for added comfort.
So you will receive a high quality bikini for a great price made in USA and at the same time You will help children learn to swim.
We know you will also enjoy swimming in RAH.