TLC for your RAH bikinis

Bikini Care- Have you ever wondered the right way to take care of your beloved bikinis? Here's some tips to help!

1. Wet bikini bags are our holy grail: After the beach or pool throw your bikini in your "wet bikini bag" instead of loosing your bikini in the depths of your beach bag!

2. Washing machines are a huge NO: All of our bikinis should be rinsed in the shower or hand washed with warm water and a little soap. (Our favorite- Dove Beauty Bar with coconut milk and jasmine petals)

3. Always sit on a towel: Wether its the sand at the beach or beside a hot tub or pool you should always sit on a towel to prevent snagging the material in your beloved suit! If always carrying a towel seems too high-maitnence just use a trendy matching sarong as an accessory!

4. Drying your bikinis: Drying your swimsuits are better in the shade rather than the sun. Although our fabrics in our RAH bikinis are the best quality, you should still take precaution in fading colors!


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